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Boat Rental:

Can we bring alcohol on the boat?

Yes, alcohol is allowed for those 21 and over. No glass bottles. Driver must remain sober.

How old must you be to rent a boat?

Must be 18 years old.

Do I need to have a boater’s license?

No, you just need a valid driver’s license. We’ll issue you a temporary boaters license FREE of charge.

Can we fish on your boats?

Yes, our pontoons and fishing boats have fishing licenses on the boats. We sell bait and tackle and rent fishing poles. If you have your own rods, feel free to bring them along. Our pontoon boats make great fishing boats in the bay and we also offer center consoles and skiffs as well.

Should we bring our own coast guard approved life jackets?

We supply all the coast guard equipment you need including life jackets for adults and children. Of course if you have your own, you can bring your own.

Can we bring food aboard and coolers?

Yes, please make sure to clean up and throw any trash away after returning the boat. We also have coolers available. We do not allow Styrofoam coolers on the boat (they break apart and end up in the bay).

Are there restrictions on where we can go during the boat rental?

Our northern boundary is the route 54 bridge at the MD, DE line and our southern boundary is 32nd street in Ocean City. You also have access to the St Martins river west of Ocean City. Our rental area provides you with sand bar free waters!

Jet Ski Rental:

How old must you be to rent/drive a jet ski?

Must be 18 years old to drive or rent on your own ski.

Do I need a valid driver’s license to rent?

YES, in accordance to state law, all renters and drivers must present a valid driver’s license or learners permit to drive or rent.

Is there an instructor with us?

Yes, according to Maryland DNR (Department of Natural Resources) all rental jet skis must be accompanied by a certified guide. Our guide will lead you from the marina to the open bay, then lead you back in when the rental is over.

What kind of clothing should I wear?

Most people wear bathing suits, you will get wet!

What should I bring with me for the rental?

A towel, water (for after the rental), driver’s license (if driving), goggles

Do you need experience?

No, we will provide a briefing before heading out on jet skis and there will be a certified guide with you at all times in case you have questions on the water

How many people can fit on one ski?

Our jet skis can hold up to three people (one adult and two small children or two adults and one small child). Maximum weight of 400 lbs.

Paddleboard & Kayak Rental:

How old must you be to rent a paddleboard?

14 years old with a parent and 18 years old to rent alone.

Will you provide instructions before heading out on the water?

Yes, before you head out on the water we will give you on land instructions.

What should I bring and wear?

A towel, a drink, and sunscreen. Most people wear a bathing suit and shorts. You will also be required to carry a cellphone with you for communication with our staff.

I’m not in great shape. Can I still do it? Will I be able to get back on if I fall in?

Just about anyone can learn to sup or kayak. we can’t guarantee that you won’t be tired and a bit sore because in fact that’s part of the sport! 99% of first timers are standing on a sup within 30 minutes and have little to no difficulty getting back on the board if they fall in. You should consult a doctor prior to exercising.

Do you provide all the equipment?

Yes, we will provide a coast guard approved life-jacket, the board, a paddle.

Do I need to know how to swim?

All renters are required to know how to swim. We do provide you with a life-vest for extra protection.


Do you allow walk in’s or do I need a reservation?

Yes, we allow walk-ins, however we can’t guarantee there will be spots available for the rentals. The best way is to call for a reservation that way you have a reserved spot.

How far in advance should we book?

We suggest at least a week in advance, of course the more notice the better!

Will the weather affect my rental?

We are open rain or shine. In the event of thunderstorms or rough waters we will reschedule for a different time or day.

Do I need a boater’s license?

No, it is not required for rentals. for boat rentals anyone born after 1972 will be provided with a temporary boater’s license for the day. For jet skis, we have all drivers take a test and that allows you to drive during your rental time.

What credit cards are accepted?

Visa and Mastercard are the only cards we accept.


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